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Wii death woman - DJs fired

A radio station had a contest to test just how badly peoplle wanted a Wii - with disastrous consequences

A radio station which ran a competition for a Nintendo Wii that resulted in the death of a contestant has fired 10 employees. It has also cancelled the breakfast show which ran the competition.

American radio station KDND 107.9 in Sacramento, California, asked contestants to drink as much water as they could.

In the 'Hold Your Wee for a Wii' competition, the winner was the contestant who held out going to the toilet the longest.

The runner-up, Jennifer Strange, 28, pulled-out of the competition after complaining of a headache. She later died of hyper-hydration, or water intoxication as it is also known.

Local paper The Sacramento Bee has excerpts from the radio broadcast on its website. It makes for grim listening as the DJs joke about the dangers of water intoxication.

The Sacramento County Sheriff's office has launched an investigation into Ms Strange's death.