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Leica to launch 'see in the dark' lens

Leica's new super-lens is only for the minted
Leica's new super-lens is only for the minted

Although it is set to debut at this month's Photokina, images of a new lens by Leica have hit the net, after they were found in an article in a mysteriously-unnamed French magazine.

Wired's Gadget Lab blog has gotten hold of the images, and some details about the new lens.

It seems that Leica has decided to create a lens that is stupidly good in low-light situations.

Not cheap

Titled the Noctilux 50mm ƒ0.95 ASPH, the lens is over three stops faster than a traditional ƒ2.8 type.

This means that in ultra low-light situations you will be able to snap away and still come out with near-perfect images. Which is great for twitchers and, er, perverts.

You would have to really Leica the lens (sorry) to get one, however, as they aren't cheap. In fact, they are very, very expensive.

You're looking at around 8,000 Euro (£6,400). For that price, you may want to think of investing in a light bulb.