You can now use 'Reaction' emojis to reply to comments on Facebook too

Facebook has brought its emoji reaction tool to comments, so you can now show someone how you feel about their comment with a simple swipe of the thumb.

Originally Facebook only allowed you to add 'Reactions' to posts but in March it brought the feature to Facebook Messenger, and now you can add little happy or furious faces to comments that people have posted too. 

Considering the tone of most comments sections, making quick reactions possible does seem a little ill advised, so we'll be interested to see what affect it has on the Facebook experience.

Interestingly, the way that Facebook has calibrated the 'Reactions', when you hold down the ‘Like’ button and the little emoji bubble pops up, the positive 'Reactions' appear before the negative ones, potentially quelling the instinct to lazily respond negatively.


There has long been a clamor for the inclusion of a ‘dislike’ button on Facebook, which the social media platform has resisted. When using 'Reactions' in Messenger there is a downwards thumb icon, but Facebook insists it is for reacting with ‘No’ to something, rather than disliking it. 

The 'Reactions' feature on Facebook’s main page doesn’t include this icon, the only negative 'Reactions' available are ‘sad and ‘angry’. By contrast, the possible positive icons you can use are ‘like’, ‘love’, ‘haha’, and ‘wow’. 

The ability to react to comments is getting a global rollout, but the feature isn’t available in all regions just yet. 

Via Mashable

Andrew London

Andrew London is a writer at Velocity Partners. Prior to Velocity Partners, he was a staff writer at Future plc.