You can now use PayPal QR codes to pay for your shopping

PayPal QR Codes
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PayPal has added another level of convenience for customers buying goods in-store by adding its QR code payment technology to the popular iZettle point of sale app. 

Retail outlets and other small businesses can use the newly launched POS software update to offer the touch-free secure payment option as sales gather momentum in the run-up to Christmas.

Businesses have been badly hit following the coronavirus pandemic and research has shown that the closing down of non-essential retail stores has resulted in £1.6bn being lost in sales. With public health regulations still in place for stores business owners have been looking for anything that helps them process payments safely and securely.

Small businesses that employ the iZettle point of sale app will be able to start using the PayPal QR code option right away. All merchants need to do is update the iZettle app to the latest version, then activate PayPal as a payment method. As each transaction takes place a unique QR code is generated. Once the customer confirms the amount, and scans the code using their PayPal app the payment is completed.

iZettle app

PayPal QR Codes originally launched back in May of this year, but the integration into the iZettle POS opens up additional possibilities for businesses keen to make up lost ground during the lockdown periods. The obvious benefit is that it allows customers another way to use touch-free technology to pay for purchases from a distance.

Three months ago PayPal also released its simplified iZettle Food & Drink point of sale solution to make it easier for businesses to take remote payments. The service works by accepting contactless payments using the iZettle Reader 2. Business owners are able to charge customers by sending a payment link via SMS, Whatsapp, and email, or through social media channels.

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