Xiaomi 13 leak shows a gorgeous new design with iPhone 14 influences

Xiaomi 12
The Xiaomi 12 (Image credit: Future)

The Xiaomi 13 is likely to be a big upgrade over the Xiaomi 12, and it could also sport a very different design if unofficial new renders are anything to go by.

Shared by @OnLeaks – a leaker with a solid track record – on behalf of CompareDial, the renders show a phone with a flat screen, flat aluminum sides, and a square camera block on the rear, all of which are departures from the Xiaomi 12, and make for a device that looks similar to the iPhone 14 line.

That said, if these renders are accurate then Xiaomi hasn’t just copied Apple, as there are a lot of differences too. The 6.2-inch display has a punch-hole camera rather than a notch or Dynamic Island, the lenses in the triple-lens camera array on the rear are laid out differently, and the look of the camera housing is different too, with lines separating it into three distinct sections.

An unofficial render of the Xiaomi 13 from the front and back

An unofficial render of the Xiaomi 13 (Image credit: OnLeaks / Compare Dial)

OnLeaks also shared unofficial renders of the Xiaomi 13 Pro – this time in collaboration with Zoutons – and this phone has less in common with Apple’s latest flagships.

The camera block is similar to the one depicted in the Xiaomi 13 renders, but the 6.65-inch screen is curved, and the sides of the phone are a lot narrower, leaving the device as a whole looking more like a typical high-end Android phone than a high-end Apple one.

We have some specs for this phone too, with the source claiming that it has a 50.3MP main camera, dimensions of roughly 163.0 x 74.6 x 8.8mm (rising to 11.8mm at the rear camera bump), and color options of black, white, pink, or green.

An unofficial render of the Xiaomi 13 Pro from the front and back

An unofficial render of the Xiaomi 13 Pro (Image credit: OnLeaks / Zoutons)

OnLeaks also claims that the Xiaomi 13 Pro will cost Rs 66,800 in India, which converts to roughly $820 / £700 / AU$1,250. We wouldn’t expect those converted prices to be accurate though, and if anything the Xiaomi 13 Pro will probably cost more than that, given that the Xiaomi 12 Pro starts at $999 / £1,049 (around AU$1,550).

Of course, we’d take all of this with a pinch of salt for now, but with the Xiaomi 13 line possibly landing before the end of the year we should know all the details soon.

Analysis: the Xiaomi 13 could be a gorgeous combination of the Xiaomi 12 and the iPhone 14

If these renders are accurate, the Xiaomi 13 could be a great-looking phone, with a distinctive camera block that combines the shape of the iPhone 14’s block with the distinct sections on the Xiaomi 12’s.

The overall shape of the phone could be similar to the iPhone 14 too, but the use of a small punch-hole camera will mean there’s less interruption in the screen. And – again assuming that these renders are the real deal – those who’d rather not have an iPhone 14-like design might prefer the Xiaomi 13 Pro, which going by the renders will look quite different thanks to its curved display.

These two upcoming phones are also likely to have some of the best specs of any late 2022 or early 2023 handsets, going by leaks and past form, which means they could be prime contenders for a spot on our best phones list when they land.

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