The Dead Have Arisen

The dead have arisen
Dead Rising 3 wants your brains

Dead Rising 3 is the third instalment in the hugely popular zombie survival series and with its exclusive debut on Xbox One, part three is set to improve on its predecessors in almost every way.

Check out this exclusive new movie to sample highlights of the impressive zombie-slaying action.

Dead Rising 3's move to an open world setting has prompted flattering comparisons to classics like Skyrim and GTA V and with the city of Los Perdidos up to eight times bigger that its predecessors, you'll certainly have plenty to explore in this deadly sand-box playground.

Roaming the zombie-infested streets of Los Perdidos as everyman mechanic Nick Ramos, you'll visit all manner of ultra detailed locales from dizzying rooftops to swarming football stadiums to dank zombie-haunted cellars, as you attempt to make your escape from the ever-present horde.

Dead Rising 3

The series' trademark grisly sense of humour and lashings of gory carnage are very much in evidence, with a new crafting system that allows you to combine all manner of weapons, everyday objects, clothes and even vehicles to fashion innovative new devices to battle the undead. Slaying zombies with a sledge-saw while sporting a fetching florescent mankini? Dead Rising 3 truly provides gameplay experiences like no other.

And if battling hundreds of thousands of unique, procedurally generated zombies wasn't bad enough, you'll also have to find and overcome the seven Psychos; zombie bosses who are each an insane incarnation of one of the seven deadly sins. Chilling.

Fortunately though, you won't be left totally alone in the zombie apocalypse and you'll be able to hook up with fellow survivors who will add extra firepower, smarts and even loot to your quest. Likewise, an intriguing co-op mode will let you and your friends team up to fight the horde together.


But they're not your only weapon, as you'll also be able to call on exclusive Xbox One Smartglass features via your tablet or mobile to help you survive. Extra characters, loot and even missions are just the beginning - when you feel particularly threatened or need to clear a path you'll be able to call in flares, drone support or air strikes to rain fiery death down on the horde all from the comfort of your app! We can't wait.

Dead Rising 3 is released on Xbox One exclusively on 22nd November alongside the launch of the console itself.

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