Report: Samsung, Google execs to meet in Seoul Thursday

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Is Samsung calling in the big guns?

Two of the technology world's top executives are meeting in Seoul for a high-level meeting Thursday, according to the Korea Times.

Though those people could be just about anybody we read about daily, this pair happens to be Shin Jong-kyun, Samsung's president of mobile communications business, and Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google.

"I will meet Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt on Thursday in Seoul," Jong-kyun reportedly said earlier this week.

What the two will talk about Jong-kyun wouldn't divulge. However, he revealed that strategic meetings with major U.S. carriers are also scheduled for next week.

While Samsung's mobile chief and the Google honcho could discuss just about anything Android related, they won't be stretching for conversation thanks to at least one common enemy: Apple.

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The two companies are intimately tied as many Samsung handsets run Google's Android operating system. Samsung, the paper wrote, is the "representative of Google's Android community" in a legal fray with Apple.

Apple was not only awarded nearly $1.05 billion (UK£665, AU$1.01) in damages from Samsung after a San Jose, Calif. jury ruled the latter violated several design and technology patents tied to iPhones and iPads, it recently requested that hundreds of millions more be added to the total sum, plus a sales ban on additional Samsung products.

From its end, Samsung has filed for a new trial, a move that could potentially reverse the damages ruling.

Google also has a legal dispute brewing with Apple, as Motorola Mobility, owned by the Mountain View, Calif.-based company, is seeking a U.S. sales ban on iPhone, iPad, and Mac computer imports.

The bad blood between Google and Apple is nothing new as both have competed for operating system dominance for many years.

When asked about the meeting, a Google representative said the company had no comment.

TechRadar reached out to Samsung for comment and will update this story if and when details become available.

From Korea Times via CNET

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