One More Thing: You can keep the Lumia nail varnish, thanks Nokia

One More Thing: You can keep the Lumia nail varnish, thanks Nokia
Yah, yah, absolutely. Nail varnish. That's so on brand

Nokia Marketing Memo - "Look team, I know we're up against it but girls aren't idiots. They just have different priorities to men - you think ladies have time for all that complicated technology stuff when there are clothes and shoes and Ryan Gosling and whether they'll ever get married to think about?

"Girls' minds are so elsewhere that you could paint a black rectangle on a post-it and the little ladies'd buy it thinking they're getting an iPhone because they saw it in the Sex and the City movie. You've got to catch their attention with something in their interest sphere, like, say, matching nail polish. That might not be enough though – better make it hot pink." [Mashable]

Blizzard WizzardDiablo 3 has taken the Activision crown from World of Warcraft. The Beelzebub-approved game now has 10 million players while WoW is down to 9.1 million monthly subscribers. Not too shabby a showing from either camp, let's face it. [Slashgear]

Pometheii - With cries of 'Yeah but she wouldn't be able to do ANY of that after invasive surgery' and 'Why didn't she just roll SIDEWAYS?' still ringing in our ears, Prometheus 2 has been green-lit and slated for a 2014/15 release. Ridley Scott is back on board although the severely-slated co-writer Damon Lindelof is still a question mark. [Vulture]

Riddle me this - What do bigger thumbnails, more information, more control and a differentiated view of videos you've already watched have in common? They're all features of the re-jigged YouTube homepage, duh. [YouTube]

1,000 words - Photographer Dan Chung is getting some sensational results at the Olympics, using nothing more than an iPhone 4S and an app called Snapseed. And the occasional additional lens. And some binoculars. But still, easily puts our Instagram account to shame. [Guardian]

It's always right now until it's later - At least we can all get in on the high brow action with this classy Instagram hack – This Is Now pulls in photos geo-tagged London, Tokyo, NYC and the like to create a page representing what's going on 'now'. It's pretty brill. [This Is London Now]

this is now

WAaaaAaAAAAalll-E - Californian robot enthusiast Mike Senna built a life-sized, remote-controlled Wall-E. Can't talk, hopping on a plane to the Golden State. [Blastr]

World needs to get a life part two - As if spending 4 billion hours watching YouTube videos every month wasn't tragic enough, the human race has also spent over 54,000 years playing Temple Run. We don't know how we fit it all in. [Phandroid]

Blocog - LOCOG has shut off @2012TicketAlert's access to its ticket site data because… well, no one's sure why. The feed was helping the good people of London find Olympics tickets that were actually available and no one was making any money off it except, oh yeah, LOCOG and the vendor, Ticketmaster. The Olympics body says it was Ticketmaster's decision. Yep, we can believe that. [BBC]

Stompy - Kickstarter. Giant ridable robot. Inevitable, really. [Engadget]

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