One More Thing: Steve Jobs' spookily accurate predictions from 1983

One More Thing: Steve Jobs' spookily accurate predictions from 1983
What else did he know that we don't? Were the Mayans right?

Paranormal activity - Steve Jobs wasn't just a tech genius and savvy business man, he was also, it seems, a little bit psychic. In 1983 he gave this talk to the International Design Conference in Aspen where he predicted portable computers, this whole internet thing taking off, the changes the record industry will face and, well, basically everything major that happened in tech over the past 25 years. Was Steve Jobs secretly from the future? [SlashGear]

View askew - Remember yesterday when everyone said, oh yes, Streetview will be live in Google Maps for iOS in the web browser tomorrow? Everyone was right. [Everyone]

With great etc etc – The Amazing Spider-Man Blu-ray will come with a tablet ap-zzz… Sorry, just dropped off for a minute there. Where were we? Oh yes, the app. It'll come with storyboards and featurette-zzz... sorry, sorry. Maybe just watch the video below. [Engadget]

Employee of the month - A highly academic study in Japan has found that office workers who stare at pictures of cats and baby animals are better motivated. So, that'll be the whole internet then. [Forbes]

Fee fi fo fum - Fifa 13 is officially the biggest video game launch of the year, and the biggest sport-related video game launch of ALL TIME. Hooray for playing football in the least physically active way possible! [PR]

Robo-boy – Devon Carrow is too ill to go to school so he sends a robot in his place. NBD. (!!!) [BBC]

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