One More Thing: Did you hear the one about the iPhone nearly having real keys?

One More Thing: iPhone nearly had real keys
We'd prefer it if it nearly had the Keyboard Cat

Button it – Before the iPhone was the iPhone and just the Apple of the eye of its developer, the handset could well have come to market with keys. Nope, not the keys that let you into places, or the keys of a keyboard, or even quays... but actual phone keys like those lovely BlackBerrys have. Apparently Apple seriously considered it. This is like when you consider something but with a more furrowed brow. [The Verge]

One in a million – a new search engine has decided to shun the big sites of the world and offer up content from the smaller blogs and websites that hardly get any attention on the internet. It does this by ignoring the top 1 million websites, apparently. It's an interesting concept and is a little scary to see a web without TechRadar, which is quite frankly rubbish even if we do say so ourselves. []

Do you Digg it? – Digg is going through massive changes with its technical staff being nabbed by the good folks at the Washington Post. This doesn't mean the paper has acquired the whole site, but taking its tech wizards does mean the site may well become something of a hollow shell. [PaidContent]

Facebook gets organ-ised – Facebook has added the ability to put organ donor status on your Timeline, letting your fellow Facebook friends know if you have signed up to the Organ Donor Register. [Facebook]

Offer you can't refuse – In other Facebook related news, the site has also announced that its Offers section has gone into beta, giving UK users access to special discounts and promotions from a number of brands. [Facebook]

The final straw – To break up the Facebook monotony, here's a picture of a Pikachu cup that's not exactly child friendly. [Kotaku]

Pikachu cup

Er, nah, I'll pass

[Credit: TT.MOP.COM]

War games – Videogames have been found to make even the most amateur gunsmith that little bit more savvy with their shots. This is according to new research which found that regular FPS action equalled a better aim with a real gun. Fascinating, a little scary and primed for some Daily Mail expose. [ReasearchNews]

Let's do the timewarp The Sun has written a feature on Lol Cats today, with no hint of irony that the meme being around for, er, at least five years. Next week it's to look into the new sensation that is Rickrolling. [The Sun]

For the record – John Peel's record collection has been digitised and put online for everyone to see just what the DJ genius listened to when at home. The filing cards he created are now viewable on website The Space – and they are looking to hook the songs up to Spotify and the like so you can listen as well as read about his favourite tunes. Fantastic stuff. []

John Peel

Best. Record Shop. Ever

Give us a Clu Tron is being made into a cartoon and there is a trailer for the new TV show, which is set to be called Tron Uprising. Here's where we are meant to do a joke about it giving us an uprising but we would never stoop that low. It does look awesome, though! [YouTube]

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