One More Thing: Bad Piggies will make you betray the Angry Birds

One More Thing: Bad Piggies will make you betray the Angry Birds
We can empathise because who doesn't love a boiled egg and soldiers?

Ambivalent aviator - You've spent the past three years avenging their unborn children, but now Rovio wants you to turn on your fowl feathered friends and help the pigs steal and mercilessly consume the Angry Birds' eggs. We'd be outraged by Bad Piggies but, honestly, we just don't care. [Telegraph]

Paranoid asteroid - NASA is holding a competition to give students the chance to name a recently discovered asteroid that has a tiny chance of hitting earth at some point in the 2200s. We'd call it Certain Doom. Or (101955) 1999 RQ36 – what do you mean, that's taken? [NBC]

BA(pi) – Cambridge University has launched a free online course teaching students how to build an OS for the Raspberry Pi. The twelve lessons aren't easy as pie though – you'll need some programming experience before you can get stuck into modules such as graphics theory and building a USB driver. [IT Pro]

Eye of the tiger - Remember yesterday when AntiSec said it wouldn't talk about its supposed FBI Apple ID hack until Adrien Chen from Gawker posted a photo of him wearing a tutu with a shoe on his head? Time to get chatty, hackers. [Gawker]

Adrian Chen

Big boozer - CCTV cameras that scan your face will know when you're two sheets to the wind and make your puny "I wasn't drunk, I swear I only had two drinks" protestations redundant. [Gizmodo UK]

Out on a limb – Researchers at Duke University in the US are hoping to show the world in 2014 that brain waves can be used to power artificial limbs. It's hoped that the breakthrough will be shown off at the opening ceremony of the World Cup in Brazil. How? A paralysed child will kick the first ball in the game using the power of thought and robotic limbs.Amazing stuff. [Scientific American]

Do the robot – In other heart-warming robotic limb news, paraplegic London Marathon charity walker Claire Lomas has become the first person to use robotic legs to walk around in full time. The suit was developed by Argo Medical Technologies who has revealed that Lomas can now have the suit to use in her everyday life. [Reuters]

00-Heaven – To celebrate James Bond getting his own Sky Movies channel, the satellite giant has released an advert that, through clever editing, pits all the Bonds against each other in a road race. Prepare to be shaken and stirred. Sorry. [YouTube]

Read all about it – In the future we are obviously going to have flying cars, robots to do our shopping for us and hoverboards. And it seems we will still have email according to Ray Tomlinson, the 'inventor' of email, who reckons the still-thriving form of messaging people will be around forever as nothing has come along to replace it. Twitter – this sounds like a challenge. [ReadWriteWeb]

Working the quads – The biggest swarm of Quadrocopters ever has taken place in a choreographed air show over the river Danube in Linz, Austria. 50 quadrocopters took part, showcasing the coolness of these future machines, and also proved to the world that if you want a light display doing properly then get a quadrocopter in to run the show. [Gizmag]

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