Man creates his very own Stepford Wife robot

Aiko is so advanced, she can even simulate the dolly zoom shot in Jaws
Aiko is so advanced, she can even simulate the dolly zoom shot in Jaws

An inventor in Canada has created his very own fembot, and she/it goes by the name of Aiko.

An ongoing project since 2007, the robot has been created by Le Trung out of his basement, which he has financed with credit cards and his entire life savings. In these credit crunching times, he might live to regret that – but at least he's got company.

The living doll's skin has been created out of silicone and, according to its creator, "is the first android to mimic pain, and reacts to it."

Not that Trung is a robot-wife beater, he has created the 'pain' technology to aid others, explaining: "this technology can be beneficial for people who have undergone amputations. This is the first step toward a life-like mechanical limb that has the ability to feel physical sensation."

Robot with BRAINS

To make the robot more lifelike, Trung has created something called Biometric Robot Artificial Intelligence Neural System (aka BRAINS) software, which means Aiko has the ability to talk and interact with humans, and houses a database of over 13,000 sentences.

The robot is so advanced that it can analyse the weather and if you are about to go outside, Aiko will tell you to bring an umbrella if it is going to rain or wear warmer clothes if it is windy. Scary stuff.

When it comes to the (t)horny issue of sex, the robot hasn't been built for that purpose, but apparently a few tweaks and it can become a fully fledged sex toy and even simulate orgasm. Just like a real woman, then.

Trung is currently asking for money donations to make Aiko "more real" so if you're feeling frivolous log on to You can also donate clothes for her to wear. Be warned, though, she can't wear denim as it apparently makes her silicone skin go blue. We kid you not!

Marc Chacksfield

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