Larry Page outlines his vision for Google 2.0, and this is what it looks like

Larry Page
Maybe it doesn't look QUITE like this

Google's already got its fingers in a lot of pies, but when has a multinational conglomerate ever said "You know what, team? Let's just slow things down a bit."

So of course Mountain View has got big ideas for the future, and Google CEO Larry Page has outlined some of those, according to a report from The Information.

Apparently, Page created a special Google 2.0 task force about a year ago in order to outline how Google can help make the world a better place.

One of the ideas was to firstly make a new lab called Google Y, which would take on some of the bigger-scale projects than are currently handled by the secretive Google X.

A new page

Those projects include building a model city of the future and designing a more efficient airport, though how either of those might look, we're not quite sure.

Other ideas addressed subscription business models, ways of shaking up traditional passwords, and ways of making Google more accessible to kids.

Page is also keen to get the precision of location tracking down to a matter of inches, which itself would open up a window of new opportunities from both technological and commercial perspectives.

Google's never been afraid of shooting for the moon, and while some of these ideas aren't as ambitious as solving death (which Google's Calico medical company is tackling), there'll be plenty to keep Page and the gang busy for a while.

Hugh Langley

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