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How to watch NASA's spacewalk live stream


Tomorrow morning, you'll be able to watch US astronauts Scott Kelly and Kjell Lindgren venture outside the International Space Station for a space walk.

NASA will be live streaming the entire 6 and a half hour spacewalk, which will see the two astronauts performing maintenance and adding upgrades to the ISS and the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, which is a particle physics detector attached to the ISS.

The spacewalk will mark the 189th spacewalk for the ISS, and the 32nd for the US, and while spacewalks are generally pretty slow and not action-packed, you will be seeing astronauts donning heaving space suits floating around in space in a live stream rather than through the magic of movies.

To watch the live stream, you have two options: If you're on desktop, you can head over to the NASA TV website; if you're on mobile, you can download NASA's app for iOS, Android or Kindle Fire.

Alternatively, you can follow live updates on the @Space_Station Twitter account.

The stream will begin at 6.30am ET on Wednesday 28 November, while the spacewalk is scheduled to begin 8.10am ET.