Great tech innovators: Larry Page

Page turning to the future
Page turning to the future
  • Age: 42
  • Company: Google
  • Best known for: Search, automotive, hardware, software, space travel, health, wearable tech, internet of things
  • Quote: "Especially in technology, we need revolutionary change, not incremental change."

It's hard to remember a time when the web didn't have the might of Google to shepherd people to various sites, but it took a stroke of genius from Larry Page and Sergei Brin to completely change the modern computer age.

Not content with developing an algorithm that allowed the internet to be properly categorised and make finding information on the web exponentially more simple, Page has gone on to lead Google (for a second time) as it steps firmly into brave new worlds in hardware and more.

Page, as CEO of Google, has a finger in some of the most important tech pies ever, including autonomous cars, space travel (he sits on the SpaceX board), the internet of things, wearable technology, as well as health and energy and of course the might of Android and the web.

Page famously runs every new Google product through a toothbrush test: 'Is it something you use daily and makes your life better?' and insists on every new arrival being ten times better than its rivals (often called his 10X mentality).

But above all, Page remains an innovator, desperately seeking the next big thing and never happy until he feels he is driving towards it.

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