Google in 2013: what to expect

The next crack Mountain View takes at Google TV will likely be its last, the analyst predicted, so it's going to take a dedicated amount of resources and brainpower to help it take flight.

"It's a priority for them, but not as big as an initiative as smartphone, tablet and Chromebook development," Steinberg said.

We won't see Google TV make a big push in 2013, but the groundwork will be laid so Google can stand one last firefight for our viewing pleasure.

Google TV

When it does TV, Google will go full force

6. Major e-commerce acquisition

It's been quiet on the Google acquisition front…too quiet.

Yes, it's picked up some businesses in recent weeks, but Steinberg predicted 2013 will hold a very large-scale buy, probably on the e-commerce front.

"I'm not saying eBay's on the table, but expect Google to double down on mobile and location based advertising and deal sites."

7. A wider Chromebook continuum

Google will build out its Chromebook offerings, Steinberg noted, pushing out laptops with increasing power and specifics.

The roll out won't be huge, but we'll see more powerful 'books at premium prices hit the market in 2013, plus some models in the range of the Acer C7 ($199, UK£199).

With the Chromebooks will come increased access via the cloud, gifting users of multimedia and data new applications, including some in 3D.

C7 Chromebook

Chromebooks will hit different price points

8. Opening arms to developers

Google has a dev problem in that it hasn't shown app makers how they can monetize their products on Android, turning many towards iOS first.

Blau sees Google at least introducing an API for Google+ in 2013, something it's been sorely lacking in the space.

2013 should be the year Google starts to get developers thinking of Android before iOS, a development Google Play is already helping with.

9. Original YouTube content

As owners of YouTube, Google owns one of the largest entertainment channels, and expect the company to take full advantage of the platform heading into the new year in a way that sets it even further apart from other content delivery systems.

"What I think you see in 2013 and beyond is custom programming," Steinberg said.

We're not talking HBO-style shows, however.

"Vehicles for the superstars and commissioned content that shows off the better content on YouTube" is what Steinberg has in mind.

"When you think YouTube, you think 16-year-olds in a 2-minute video filmed in their bedroom - Google's going to try to get way from that."

Gangnum Style

How to make that YouTube money

10. The big picture

Google is passing out Explorer Editions for Glass to developers next year, handing devs free reign to play with the wearable computers before a 2014 public introduction as a "high-end futuristic item," Steinberg said.

Self-driving cars...well, those are further down the road, but the whimsical won't be missing from Google in 2013, especially with the hire of inventor and AI futurist Raymond Kurzweil.

Beyond the stuff that tickles our imagination, Google will enter the year poised to continue its growth in nearly every facet imaginable.

"Google doesn't want to just be synonymous with search anymore," Steinberg said. "It wants to be the first port of call when it comes to technology, research, purchasing and connection every step of the way."

Self-driving car

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