Hi-Def CCTV - coming to a football ground near you?

Dedicated Micros DV-IP video server can hold up to 2TB of HD CCTV footage

High definition CCTV cameras could be the norm within a few years if some of the products on show at the recent International IP Integrated Solutions Exhibition & Conference (IIPSEC) are anything to go by.

Present at this year’s show was a company called Dedicated Micros – a global player in the CCTV business with nearly 25 years experience of designing closed-circuit systems.

Drawing a crowd around their stand was the company’s all-new DV-IP HD video server – the centrepiece of an apparently affordable high definition CCTV system.

According to Dedicated Micros the DV-IP is able to provide a full desktop HD CCTV system that can be used with up to eight of the company’s specialised HD cameras. Each server boasts between 1.5TB and 2TB of storage (depending on the model) and can be used for recording, playback and also to feed local operators monitors via HDMI cable.

In addition to this, the DV-IP system also features a built-in transcoding facility that can also be used to reduce the images to a less demanding bandwidth and then streamed to remote operators without impacting on the network.

It’s expected that banks, town centres and military installations will become the earliest adopters of HD CCTV, alongside other institutions where face recognition and the ability to pick suspects out from a crowd is vital to maintaining security.

However, once costs come down and the technology becomes more widely available, HD CCTV could actually become the norm. As Pauline Norstrom, worldwide head of marketing at Dedicated Micros explains: “If current trends continue it is highly likely that high definition CCTV will become the de facto standard for CCTV users and providers over the next few years.”

Not only will all our faces be regularly caught on camera, so too will every last wrinkle, blemish and out-of-place nostril hair it seems.