Face facts: No one likes Facebook but everyone's on it

That sort of thing is why people ought to be made to post under their real names by the government or not be allowed anything more interactive than a kaleidoscope to play with.

Much more sensible a reply came from LJ, who got Facebook's back with: "Teenagers don't drink and do stupid stuff because Facebook tells them to, they do it (and will continue to do it) because they're young, dumb and desperate for the approval/applause of their peers. Removing a page on Facebook would change nothing."

Hanging on the telephone

Beneath a list of things on the BT site, reader Helen Savage typed out a verbal dislike of the social site, saying: "Facebook is for lonely people with nothing real going on in their lives. Ultimately we will ALL HAVE TO go on Facebook because that is where everyone will be and if you are not on it you will be the lonely one."

She then used the oldest anti-Facebook argument in the world, that of having "real" friends she talks to on the telephone, digging herself deeper into a hole of confusion with: "I think it is for the socially inept as it stands and I do not use it because I have proper conversations with people either face to face or on the telephone if they are long distance."

But she was politely hushed via a reply from Geoff Woodward, who put "things" into "perspective" with his reply. Geoff said: "What a mean-spirited person you are, Helen Savage! I personally, am severely disabled & as such, virtually housebound! Facebook has proved to be a lifeline for me over the past 4 years. With my adapted vehicle, I have been able to go out & meet several Facebook friends in person. Whilst meeting them, I have met other people, who in turn also became Facebook friends."

Helen went quiet after that. Geoff got nine up-votes compared with Helen's zero, so he was declared champion of that bit of the internet for a 24-hour period.