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America's largest cinema chain adds 3D tech

3D cinema
3D movies like Deep Sea 3D are taking over cinema

Regal Theaters, the largest cinema chain in the US has decided to install an extra 1,500 cinemas with 3D technology, bringing the total 3D screens the chain has to 3,500.

The technology employed is manufactured by RealD, a Californian-based company. RealD is also the tech used by Cineworld in cinemas here in the UK.

3D movie extravaganza

The reason Regal Cinemas has installed the new equipment, according to, is because of the influx of 3D films hitting cinemas this year.

The films slated for release are the two Toy Story movies; Journey 3D, an interpretation of the Jules Verne classic story Journey To The Centre Of The Earth; The Nightmare Before Christmas; and Final Destination 4.