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Ever since it first emerged (opens in new tab) that Microsoft is working on a Windows 10 PC-as-a-Service offering, called Cloud PC (opens in new tab), the community has scoured the web for fresh details.

Microsoft has remained silent on the topic so far, but Windows Latest has spotted that a Cloud PC support page (opens in new tab) is now live on the company’s website, adding gravity to rumors of a summer launch (opens in new tab).

The webpage confirms Cloud PC will make use of Microsoft Graph, a tool that helps developers draw in data from various Microsoft 365 (opens in new tab) sources. The support thread will act as a hub for “technical questions about the Cloud PC APIs in Microsoft Graph”.

Windows 10 Cloud PC

Information about Microsoft’s new Cloud PC service first came to light last summer, when ZDNet discovered a job description that contained details about the project.

In essence, Cloud PC will allow users to access a Windows 10 desktop and Office 365 (opens in new tab) software remotely, using their own device as a thin client (opens in new tab). The service will be distinct from Windows Virtual Desktop in that customers will be charged a flat rate per user, as opposed to fees based on resource consumption.

In February, it emerged Microsoft will offer several different “service plans” (opens in new tab) for customers to choose from, each offering a different level of performance and storage capacity.

In a more recent job listing, Microsoft explained the new Azure (opens in new tab)-based service “allows all users to be productive from anywhere, on any device with a cloud-powered, secure and always up to date Windows experience.”

“It also seamlessly allows endpoint managers to instantly provision cloud hosted PCs and manage physical and virtual devices through a unified portal.”

The implications for businesses could be significant, allowing companies to cut down on both hardware costs and administrative burden, while still providing employees with the tools they need to be productive.

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