Who needs a PS5? Horizon Zero Dawn on PC gets 50% FPS boost with Nvidia DLSS

Horizon Zero Dawn PC
(Image credit: Guerilla Games / Valve)

Horizon Zero Dawn on PC now has Nvidia DLSS support, giving a major boost to frame rates for those who own a GeForce RTX graphics card.

A patch is now out for Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition which sends DLSS live, and it offers up to 50% faster frame rates in the open world action RPG. With DLSS turned on, Nvidia boasts that even the RTX 3060 GPU can achieve over the magic 60 frames per second (fps) at 4K resolution (upscaled to 4K, that is).

This isn’t the only game getting DLSS for December, as the frame rate boosting tech is also coming to Lemnis Gate, alongside Diablo 2: Resurrected, sci-fi action-adventure Chorus (which also has ray-traced reflections with RTX cards) and co-op survival game ICARUS (which caters for up to 8 players).

If you’re not familiar with Lemnis Gate, it came out in July and is an intriguing turn-based strategy shooter which has a time loop mechanic. With DLSS, Nvidia claims that in some cases, frame rates can be more or less doubled. The game comes out on December 14.

Analysis: DLSS continues to forge forward

Seeing DLSS go live with another big-name title is obviously good news, and as Nvidia points out, the list of games (and apps) that support DLSS has now exceeded 140.

And there’s another biggie on the way next month, when God of War arrives with DLSS support in January 2022, with Nvidia calling our attention to the fact that Sony has just released a PC tech trailer for the game which is well worth a watch.

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