Sarah Palin must reveal personal emails

Sarah Palin, wishing that she didn't mix business with pleasure

Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin has been told that she must declare emails sent from her private Yahoo! account, as they relate to state business.

Palin's account was hacked last month and her emails were put on to the web by the hacker.

The emails were said to show that Palin was actually using the account for business needs, something which officials are banned from doing, due to the security risks.


Palin has been asked by Anchorage Superior Court Judge Craig Stowers to reveal her emails as part of a lawsuit filed by activist Andree McLeod.

McLeod is currently in the process of suing both Palin and the governor's office to force the preservation of personal email messages, and has actually asked for over a thousand of Palin's messages to be taken from her private account and put on public record.