This is Apple's first foray into virtual reality

U2 and Apple

Apple is finally getting into the VR game, but not in the way you might be thinking.

While there's no news of a VR headset yet, the tech giant has teamed up with U2 to bring a VR experience to fans under the Apple Music banner.

Those who are going to the U2 concert in London, Dublin and Paris in Europe will have a chance to visit "The Experience Bus," where they'll be able to check out a 360-degree video for the band's Song For Someone song.

Interestingly, "The Experience Bus" uses Oculus VR headsets and Beats headphones, but Apple Music branding begins the virtual reality experience, an area that Apple has not really stepped into yet.

Apple loves U2

According to TechCrunch, the VR video has fans standing right next to U2 as they perform the song.

Still, it's not surprising that Apple has teamed up with U2 for it's first foray into virtual reality, with the U2-Apple partnership beginning with the band featuring in the very first iPod commercials.

Then there were the special edition U2 iPods, and last year, Apple gave the band's "Songs of Innocence" album to everyone with an iTunes account for free.

We can't help but feel that once Apple finally does decide to make a VR headset, U2 will be involved.

But while that may be a while away, despite rumors and mysterious patents, with this new experience from Apple Music, it's possible we'll be seeing more VR content from Apple sooner rather than later.