Report suggests the Apple Watch is failing

Apple Watch sales plummet

Apart from the odd setback like MobileMe or casting Ashton Kutcher in Jobs, Apple is generally synonymous with success. But the times may be a-changin' as a Palo Alto research company claims Apple Watch sales have become less than wonderful.

Using e-receipts from 2.5 million online shoppers in the US, the analytics company Slice Intelligence has tweeted a graph estimating that the number of Apple Watch sales has plummeted to under 5,000 units per day. A stark comparison from the 30,000 to 35,000 units per day the company was pushing in the weeks after its launch.

At the ReCode conference in May, Apple's senior vice president of operations, Jeff Williams, said that the Apple watch was selling "a lot, but not enough."

The Slice Intelligence data compares sales at the time Williams said this to now, which shows Apple was selling around seven times more watches on average than it has in the past month.

Apple Watch Sales

Rumor has it

Apple hasn't publicly commented on the sales of the Apple Watch and though these statistics are an estimate, they seem to back up last week's reigned in sales estimate from Wall Street securities analytics firm Pacific Crest.

Slice Intelligence claims that the company's data correlates with both Amazon's and the US Department of Commerce's sales figures by more than 97 percent, which does lend it some credence.

There's a chance the company may put the issue to rest and release sales figures in for the Watch when it releases its Q3 results later this month, although it could also lump the numbers in with the company's 'other' products.

Joel Burgess
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