Huawei just announced its own VR headset

Huawei just announced its own VR headset

Move over, Samsung Gear VR, the Huawei VR is another phone-based headset and this one works with the new Huawei P9 and P9 Plus.

This is a direct challenge to the Gear VR, as the two headsets look alike in size, color and functionality. It displays 360 degree movies and games as you move about your head.

There's a touchpad on the right side, a back button right above it and a focus adjustment ring on the top. You can hardly tell the two apart.

Huawei VR

One key difference is the fact that the Huawei VR headset works with the P9 and P9 Plus, which means this is the first major virtual reality headset that uses USB-C and not micro USB. The handset sits inside the Huawei VR headset, keeping your hands free.

While we were able to tap through game demos and watch movies in a 360 degree theater, the display is a noticeable 1080p, whereas Samsung uses a quad HD screen.

Huawei VR

No Huawei VR headset price was announced, but the Chinese company did say it'll definitely launch in 2016 and likely "this season."

We're live at the Huawei event in China, and will bring you a hands on: Huawei VR review shortly. Stay tuned!

Check out our Samsung Gear VR video, to see what the Huawei VR is up against:

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