HP partners with another high-end watchmaker for a mystery wearable

HP Titan

Update: An HP representative told us that "This watch will have features that align with the Titan brand." For a better idea of what that is, the rep advised us to peruse the current Titan offerings.

Essentially, the design will fit in with the brand's look while Engineered by HP will supply the tech.

As far as when we'll see a watch? Not any time soon: "The announcement today was to unveil the relationship between HP and Titan only, and that a watch is on its way to official availability."

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Titan, the fifth largest watchmaker in the world, will join up with HP to make a smartwatch but it's unclear when we'll be seeing it - in fact, there aren't even images just yet. The one above is from HP's other recently announced partnership with high-end watchmaker Movado.

Unlike the Movado Bold Motion watch, there aren't any solid details on the Titan timepiece. The release notes that the companies want to "infuse technology seamlessly into the way consumers live, providing them with smart accessories that are productive and responsive, but not intrusive."

From the sound of it, the Titan watch will likely look analogue and provide the same notifications as the Movado watch if HP sticks to the same pattern of mixing a bit of tech with a discrete design.

The Engineered by HP program seems to be expanding in an attempt to stake a claim in the smartwatch world so expect to seem more partnerships announced in the future.