Facebook sees augmented reality in its far-flung future

Augmented reality

We know Facebook has a ton of ambitions in the virtual reality space, but now Mark Zuckerberg has revealed the social network is looking to expand into augmented reality.

Zuckerberg confirmed at Vanity Fair's New Establishment Summit that his company is exploring augmented reality, noting that "it was farther out". Other than making a quick acknowledgement of the possibility of augmented reality, the Facebook CEO and founder didn't have much else to say on the subject.

While virtual reality is focused squarely on creating immersive entertainment experiences, augmented reality could lend itself to thousands of more practical applications in the real world.

For example, AR could be implemented into car windshields to provide a constant stream of directions, or a surgeon could have their patient's vitals displayed at all times.

Virtual Zuck baby

While Zuckerberg didn't provide much on Facebook's plans in the AR space, he talked at length about virtual reality. The social network creator noted that VR could be the next big computing platform, which has evolved from text to photos and video in recent years.

As an expecting father, Zuckerberg went on to explain how he hopes he can share his newborn with his friends and family in a whole new way through VR.

"I'm really looking forward to being able to capture not just a photo but to really capture the experience," Zuckerberg said. He added that viewers should be able to feel as if they're actually there when they watch his child's first steps in a virtual experience.

Of course, if you mix that sort of experience into real life you might create an Ally McBeal scenario.

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