Sensio finally wins 3D DVD standard

Sensio 3D has been chosen as the 3D DVD standard
Sensio 3D has been chosen as the 3D DVD standard

Think back ten years. A decade. Britney Spears' 'Baby One More Time' was in the charts, the iPod was still two years away and the first Star Wars prequel was burning up the box office.

Ten years ago was also the time that Sensio first proposed a 3D DVD standard. After years of toil and hard work, the company's proprietary 3D system has finally been adopted, much to the pleasure of the patient company.

"After 10 years of investment, development and commitment, we are extremely happy to be rewarded in this way, and that our format has been recognised by a standards organisation," said Sensio president Nicholas Routhier in a statement.

"Our technology has reached the necessary level of maturity to become a standard, and its quality, reliability and robustness have been assessed and certified by a recognised global organisation."

Watch out Panasonic and Dolby

There's no news as of yet which films, if any, will be released as 3D movies on DVD. Unfortunately, the news does seem to be a little late, especially considering that Blu-ray has won the format war and plenty of attention is now focused on when a 3D Blu-ray standard will be adopted.

Currently, both Dolby and Panasonic are slugging it out with their own proprietary 3D formats. If the BDA are as slow as the DVD Forum to make a decision about 3D Blu-ray, however, then we could be waiting a long time to see the likes of Toy Story 3D in home HD.

Marc Chacksfield

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