HD DVD more popular than Blu-ray

More people own an HD DVD player than a Blu-ray one in the US

HD DVD may be dead and buried but a new survey shows that the defunct format is still ahead of Blu-ray in the US.

A study by Harris Interactive shows that in the US, 11 per cent of Americans own an HD DVD player, while just seven per cent own a Blu-ray player.

It gets worse: only 25 per cent of the 2,400 surveyed are going to switch to Blu-ray completely in the future, with a mere one-fifth saying that they will replace their entire DVD libraries with Blu-ray discs.

Price war

The news about HD DVD may be surprising, but the rest really isn't. Due to the upscaling technology inside Blu-ray players, the amount of people looking to re-stock their home cinema collection is much lower than it was during the VHS / DVD format war.

And just to satiate the statisticians out there, two out of five questioned are ready to buy Blu-ray but are waiting for the prices to go down a touch.

Via SlashDot