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As a result of the pandemic, organizations have been forced to allow their employees to work from home and many rely on VPN services to connect to their corporate networks to do so. However, many employees have had issues with their VPNs while working remotely which is why VIAVI Solutions has developed a new VPN Management Solution.

The company's new solution supports the delivery of VPN services throughout their lifecycle from validation to pre-deployment testing, to monitoring, assurance and troubleshooting.

According to VIAVI's State of the Network study, IT professionals found that VPN over subscription was one of the top challenges when it came to managing remote user traffic growth with remote end-user experience being the highest ranked requirement for operational visibility.

Of the issues experienced by remote workers, inability to access a VPN at peak times, poor conference call quality and slow application response times led to the most significant challenges.

VPN Management Solution

The VIAVI VPN Management Solution supports every phase of the VPN lifecycle including validation testing, end-to-end pre-deployment testing, monitoring and assurance and troubleshooting.

Before rolling out a VPN service, the solution can test the VPN vendors' real-world scalability and performance with voice, video and data applications to ensure that it can meet an organization's needs by using the VIAVI TeraVM virtualized application emulation environment. Additionally, in conjunction with TeraVM, the company's Observer Platform provides end-user experience scoring to provide immediate feedback that network KPIs are met before going live to reduce the risk of introducing performance-related issues.

Once a VPN vendor solution has been successfully deployed, VIAVI's Observer Apex monitors the performance of the VPN and shows end-user experience scores and domain isolation breakout. When it comes to troubleshooting a poor VPN connection, the VIAVI Fusion virtual test solution can monitor and ensure network performance as well as verify SLAs in both virtual and physical networks.

Chief marketing officer at VIAVI, Paul McNab explained why the company decided to create its new VPN Management Solution in a press release, saying:

"As forecasts of the pandemic’s impact stretch well into 2021, it’s clear that the large-scale shift to employees working remotely could become permanent for many organizations. Network operations teams should be fortifying their VPN infrastructure from the foundation, and enabling real-time monitoring and troubleshooting. Based on our extensive work with enterprises around the globe, the VIAVI VPN Management Solution has been tailored to deliver value from lab validation to daily operation."

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