IDF Spring 2007: Dual-processor boards on way

There aren't any pictures of Skulltrail, so have some Beijing Intel dancers instead

Intel is set to follow hot rival AMD into creating a dual-processor platform for high-end PCs. AMD has previously disclosed its Quad FX platform, also known by the name of 4x4.

Details about the new Intel platform are virtually non-existent, but the mere fact it's been talked about is interesting. It could also be that the platform has been created in light of what AMD released.

However the codename of the platform is certainly very un-Intel: Skulltrail. That gives way to only one conclusion - it's a platform for gamers and the fuzzy group known only as 'enthusiasts'.

Intel and AMD have learned the hard way that this high-end group really are prepared to spend big cash to get a new high-end graphics card or processor. And that more really is more, shown by the unexpected mass interest in Nvidia's SLI technology.

When AMD talked about 4x4 it wasn't surprising given the success of SLI, but we didn't expect Intel to join the club - not at this late stage. And not when a single one of its Core 2 Extreme CPUs can hammer Quad FX into the ground. But then, the chip giant has obviously decided it can't be seen to be falling behind - especially not in the eyes of enthusiasts.


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