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Upgrade your laptop for cheap with this hot Cyber Monday RAM deal

Crucial Cyber Monday
(Image credit: Micron)

These days, laptops that allow you to upgrade your RAM are a little rare, but if you do have one of the awesome laptops from a manufacturer that isn't afraid to let you tinker, you might want to take a look at this Cyber Monday deal, as you may just be tempted to finally make that upgrade.

You can pick up a 32GB kit of Crucial DDR4 RAM for laptops, clocked at 2,666MHz, which is pretty standard for laptop RAM, for just $93 – that's a lot of RAM for not a lot of cash.

Crucial DDR4 SODIMM | 32GB: $133 $93 at Amazon
If you need some extra RAM in your laptop, this Cyber Monday RAM deal shouldn't be missed. Right now at Amazon you can get 32GB of DDR4 RAM for just $93 – that's a deal you simply shouldn't miss. View Deal

For most people, 32GB of RAM is way more than they'll ever need. However, if you constantly find yourself with 30 Chrome tabs open, along with Photoshop and a music streaming program, having a little more breathing room is always good.

If you're comfortable opening up your laptop and installing these SODIMMs, this Cyber Monday deal should be on the top of your list – and even if you aren't, it may still be worth picking it up, and finding a tech-savvy friend who can install it for you. 

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