UPDF makes editing PDF files quick and easy with 54% off and free gifts

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Boost your productivity with UPDF - an easy to use Adobe Acrobat alternative that lets you edit PDF files quickly and easily, across a range of devices.

PDFs are hugely versatile files, and that’s why they are so popular on the internet. Being able to edit, add images and annotate PDF documents is incredibly important, whether you’re working with PDFs for work, studying or just day-to-day life.

Rather than shelling out for an expensive PDF editor, or rely on limited free services which lack features, 1 license of UPDF offers powerful tools for PC, Mac, Android and iPhone with 54% off discount and free gifts (a lifetime license of aJoysoft PDF Password Remover for free).

UPDF can open any PDF file you want on pretty much any device you own, so no matter where you are, you can view the PDF using an easy-to-use interface that’s tailor made for use on PC and Mac, as well as Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

You can also quickly annotate the PDF by highlighting words, adding notes in text boxes, adding stickers, sticky notes and more! It’s the perfect tool for students who want to jot down notes and thoughts while studying.

UPDF lets you edit pretty much anything in the PDF, including text, images, links, watermarks and headers and footers. If you’re creating professional PDFs for work, you can also use UPDF to process bulk PDFs, and you can lock them with a password - essential if you are creative PDFs for internal use only.

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UPDF makes it easy to lay out amazing looking PDFs and organize pages like reordering, deleting, rotating, inserting or extracting pages, and you can also convert PDFs into other formats like Word, Excel, PowerPoint,  images or into editable text documents using the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature. It can recognize text in over 38 languages in scanned documents or images. 

Adobe Acrobat vs. UPDF: how do they compare? 

For a long time, Adobe Acrobat was the default PDF app for most people - but that doesn’t mean it's the best. 

UPDF hasn’t been around as long as Adobe Acrobat, but it’s already made a huge splash thanks to being more affordable and versatile. 

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While you’re looking at $155.88 per year for Adobe Acrobat Standard DC, and to get more features that rises to $239.88 per year for Adobe Acrobat Professional DC, UPDF costs just $39.99 a year - or you can pay $59.99 for lifetime access.

For that price, you get access to almost every feature that comes with the more expensive Adobe Acrobat.

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While Adobe Acrobat Professional DC lets you redact sensitive information in PDFs, allows you to create PDF files from other file formats and lets you sign forms digitally, UPDF comes with a host of features that the much more expensive Adobe Acrobat lacks, such as being able to convert PDFs to CSV, BMP and GIF formats, add stickers and rich text for annotations and turns PDFs into slideshows.

When it comes to functionality and sheer value for money, UPDF simply cannot be beat. For more information on how they compare, check out this in depth UPDF vs Adobe Acrobat guide.  

Plans for everyone

UPDF has plans for both individuals and businesses, and no matter what type of subscription you go for, you can get an exclusive 54% off and free gifts, which includes a lifetime licence for a PDF password management tool and 10GB of UPDF Cloud.

With the individual plan, a single account can be used on two desktops and two mobile devices.

When it comes to the UPDF enterprise plan for businesses, an easy-to-use portal allows admins to manage licences and users for effective deployment and centralized management.

If you’re buying in bulk, you can get exclusive discounts by mentioning TechRadar in the inquiry email.