Untangle adds VPN features to firewall solution

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Untangle, the award-winning network security firm, has just announced the latest version of its flagship NG Firewall product. The new release contains a host of updates, including the addition of WireGuard protocol VPN, which will help employees and corporations stay safe in a world where remote working is increasingly important.

According to research conducted by Global Workplace Analytics, between 25 and 30% of the worldwide workforce will be working-from-home across multiple days a week by the end of 2021. However, while this provides added flexibility, it also comes with risks.

There are already multiple reports of cyberattackers exploiting the remote working trend to steal sensitive information. It is likely that finding the right firewall and VPN will become ever more vital for company survival.


Untangle is likely to have been drawn to WireGuard VPN due to its state-of-the-art cryptography and ease of use. In addition, the fact that WireGuard has VPN clients for all of the major operating systems provides added flexibility for business clients.

“NG Firewall is a powerhouse SMB solution and with the WireGuard VPN addition, customers have access to a modern, fast and secure VPN solution to connect corporate offices together, or enable many of today’s remote workers,” Heather Paunet, Senior Vice President of Products at Untangle, explained.

“Allowing a choice between WireGuard, OpenVPN and IPsec VPN, we empower administrators to set up exactly the networking environment they want to, taking into account ease of configuration, performance and preference regarding cryptographic technologies.”

The addition of WireGuard VPN is not the only new feature coming to NG Firewall 16.0. Users of the latest release will also benefit from faster VPN connection speeds, UEFI support, enhancements to the Threat Prevention app and a host of general updates to improve system performance.

Barclay Ballard

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