Twitter wants to fight misinformation using three new labels

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Microblogging platform Twitter, which has often been the centre of controversies of late, has been constantly working to improve the user experience. Recently it added features like Twitter Spaces and is reportedly working on Facebook like Tweet-reactions allowing users to experience their emotions in a better way.

Now researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who’s got a great record of digging out upcoming features of various applications like Messenger, Facebook, and Twitter, has shared a screenshot suggesting that it is working on three different labels to alert users about the possible misinformation. These labels are - “Get the latest”, “Stay informed” and “Misleading”.

In one of her tweets, she posted a screenshot showing off how these three labels will look like in real life. Her tweet can be seen below.

These labels are aimed at highlighting misleading information about logical fallacies, in case someone has tweeted about stuff that can be harmful or utterly misleading. In the other cases, Twitter can be seen offering users an easy option to find details about the information mentioned in the tweet.

Yoel Roth, Twitter’s head of Site Integrity, quote-tweeted Wong’s tweet urging users to share feedback about the new experiment. He said, “some early experiments with new design treatments for our labels on misinformation. Let us know what you think, and how we can improve.”

Though it is not clear as to when Twitter will roll out these labels, however, with Roth’s validation, it can be confirmed that Twitter is indeed planning to make them available soon. 

Twitter marks a lot of tweets and accounts with relevant labels when it finds the content of the tweet contentious or alert users with the type of account they're dealing with.

It is facing a lot of heat in India after it marked one of the tweets of the ruling party’s spokesperson as “Manipulated media ''. This resulted in cops visiting one of Twitter’s offices in the country and had people arguing about Twitter's role as a fact-checking authority while the case is still sub-judice. 

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