Twitter Circle can finally help me tweet Spice Girls facts to a chosen few

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Twitter has switched on a feature called Circle for all of its users, allowing you to tweet to up to 150 followers without feeling the shame of everyone finding out some facts that may be best kept to yourself.

We've all most likely been in a situation where we want to share some content that only a select few will understand – it's similar to a private joke that you and your partner could only laugh at. Twitter Circle is exactly that, which has been in testing since May.

While Elon Musk is relentlessly finding ways to get out of his deal to buy the company, it hasn't stopped the team at Twitter to look at ways to make tweeting easier for its users.

Slowly rolling out to everyone on Android and iOS, it's a simple affair to create a Twitter Circle. Regardless of whether someone follows you or not, you can add anyone into the circle when you're about to compose a tweet, by pressing the 'Everyone' button.

The Circle option should appear if it hasn't already, and you can start adding those chosen users to read your guilty pleasures.

Already this is a feature that I know I'll be using. In the past I've been tweeting plenty of Sonic facts, Simpsons memes or Spice Girls facts to my followers, whether they want to read it on their Twitter timeline or not. But now I can treat a certain group with all of these.

Did you know that the third album from the Spice Girls was allegedly going to be a live album of previous and new songs for 1999 before Geri 'Ginger Spice' Halliwell left the group? Now you do – expect that and more to be in my Twitter Circle soon.

Daryl Baxter
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