Twitter Blue subscription could be available in India soon – Here’s how much it will cost

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Twitter has been long rumoured to launch a premium tier with a monthly subscription fee. Needless to say, this premium tier will offer some exclusive benefits like – Undo tweet, Bookmark Folders for a collection of saved tweets, Reader Mode and more

And if you’re wondering that with Twitter Blue, you might get an edit button, then no that’s not happening at least as of now. Though, according to regular tipster Jane Manchun Wong, who first leaked information about Twitter Blue, Undo Tweet will offer indecisive users just that much extra time to decide if they want to publish the tweet.

That being said, it was reported that internationally the subscription is going to cost $2.99 (about £2 / AUS$4) and there could be several tiers offering additional benefits. However, the information available currently suggests that the pricing of Twitter Blue in India could start at Rs. 269 per month.

What is Twitter Blue and what are its benefits? 

As mentioned above, Twitter is offering a set of features to users who do not mind paying a small fee. These features include the option to Undo Tweet where users will get a few seconds extra before the tweet is published. During these extra seconds, users can undo the tweet if it has a mistake or has something that shouldn’t be published at all.

The second feature known as Collections will help users sort their favourite tweets into a folder for easy reference. Additionally, TweetDeck that allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts simultaneously may also be a part of Twitter Blue.

It will also offer an uninterrupted news reading experience by removing all the ads for the paid tier users. Additionally, Twitter Blue is reportedly going to allow users to customize their Twitter experience by changing themes from blue to pink, green, red, yellow and orange etc.

Most importantly, Twitter Blue is supposed to add extra features for loyal Twitter users and the overall experience for the free tier is expected to remain unchanged.

Subscription charges for Twitter Blue in India 

The updated description on Twitter’s latest version on App Store lists the applicable charges and says, “Unlock Twitter Blue, a new way to subscribe to features that customize your Twitter experience. Features include Undo Tweet, Bookmark Folders, Reader Mode.” Further, under the in-app purchases section, it lists Twitter Blue as a paid service and has Rs. 269 as its charges.

On the other hand, the description of Twitter’s Android app on the Play Store lists in-app purchases as Rs. 430 per transaction, which is almost double the amount listed on the App Store.

Though, it is not clear how Twitter is looking to charge a one-time fee for Android users while a monthly fee for iOS users. We will have to wait for Twitter to make an official announcement for further clarification. 

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