Plasma screens 'could last 42 years'

Plasma: your children's children's children could be watching your TV one day

If you thought that all those manufacturers were ganging up to make us buy as many of their products as possible, then think again. Panasonic claims that plasma screens can last up to (a very specific) 42 years before they need replacing rather than mysteriously breaking down a week after the guarantee elapses.


Apparently, today's power-guzzling monster displays, watched on average for six and a half hours a day (most people with JOBS will probably hit around four) would last for nearly half a century.

In fact, leave it on all day, every day, and it will still last eight and a half years before it's reached middle age. We're assuming your electricity bills haven't forced you to sell it by then.

That's all well and good, but what about OLEDs? They're thinner and prettier, and we at TechRadar are a fickle bunch.

Though we are rather nervous that Panasonic might 'send the boys round' if they find out we feel that way.