Truecaller brings spam activity indicator for Android users

(Image credit: Truecaller)

Truecaller, one of the most popular caller ID apps on the Play Store and the App store has got a new feature which will let you see stats on spam and decide how risky the number is with the ‘Spam Activity Indicator’. 

The new feature is currently available only for Android users. The Spam Activity Indicator gives you detailed statistics on the spammers on your phone. It will also let you know how many calls has that particular caller made in the previous 60 days. The stats will also be available on Truecaller’s official website. 

(Image credit: Truecaller)

With this update, Truecaller aims to bridge the gap and give more power to the users. With this tiny dashboard, you will be able to protect yourselves from scam and fraud in a more efficient way.

With smartphones being part of your everyday activity, it can be often annoying and frustrating with multiple spam/fraud calls every day. This feature will try and make your day better. 

The spam activity indicator gives you the context of spammers and helps you make better decisions related to further interactions with spam numbers. Statistics are available to view when you tap on the spammer’s profile image in the app. In the coming days, a new update will bring the stats right in the Caller ID on the full screen itself. 

Currently, there are three important trends: spam reports, call activity and peak calling hours. The spam reports show you how many times a Truecaller user has marked a specific number as spam, the call activity shows you the number of calls the number has made recently, potentially indicating how much of a spammer the number is. And lastly, the peak calling hours will give you a time chart that identifies when the spammer is most active.

Truecaller is currently having over 240 million global active users across platforms. And, recently the company also revamped the app with smart features. 

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