Top five features of the Huawei P10


The Huawei P10 is finally official, after weeks of endless leaks and rumors. Now that the phone is out there for us to talk about, let’s discuss a couple of important features of the device. First and foremost, the P10 is not just an incremental upgrade over the predecessor, so there’s plenty to discuss.

Upgraded dual cameras

While it might seem like the dual rear cameras on the P10 and the P10 Plus are the same as the predecessor, it’s actually quite different. So much so that Huawei is actually pegging this to be an iPhone 7 Plus rival, which is also popular for its dual-cameras. Huawei has implemented something similar to the Portrait Mode feature that was introduced with the iPhone. Huawei’s implementation has apparently shown impressive results as per initial reviews.

All new design

Huawei has also taken the time to upgrade the design of the smartphone. There’s a limited edition variant which will be sold in Dazzling Blue and Dazzling Gold variants. These models will come with something known as the “hyper diamond cut” design, and will be hot favorites when they go live in the markets.

Return of the headphone jack

As mentioned in past rumors, Huawei has managed to fit in a 3.5mm headphone jack right next to the USB Type-C charging port. This is a pretty bold move by Huawei and something that will be appreciated by fans and experts alike.

Intelligent app processing

Using machine learning, Huawei has devised a way to increase efficiency with the devices by essentially counting out applications that aren’t being used frequently by the handset. The company claims that apps open 20% faster compared to the predecessor, which is also due to the all new Kirin 960 processor used underneath.

Large batteries

The P10 and the P10 Plus come with a 3,200mAh and 3,750mAh batteries respectively. The battery capacity combined by the software features used in the Android 7.0 powered Emotion UI 5.1 will ensure that the devices will be running for prolonged intervals.