Tile's new sticky Bluetooth tracker will help you find just about anything

Tile Sticker
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Tile has unveiled a set of new trackers designed to end the days of hunting around for your wallet, phone, keys and TV remote. Tile Sticker is a tiny, self-adhesive Bluetooth tracker that sticks firmly to pretty much anything, indoors or out. It boasts a range of 150 feet, so it's ideal for those objects you tend to misplace around the house, but it can also help you find things much further away thanks to Tile's community (even stolen bikes).

To ensure the Sticker really won't budge, even in the rain, Tile teamed up with the glue gurus at 3M (a name that will be familiar if you've ever bought a dash cam). Its battery is rated for three years, so you won't need to worry about removing it in a hurry.

Prices for the new Tile Sticker start from $39.99 / AU$50 (about £30) for a pack of two, or $59.99 / AU$80 (about £50) for a pack of four. It's only available in black at launch, but we hope a white version will arrive at a future date.

Finders keepers

Tile has also spent time whittling down the Tile Slim – a tracker designed to slip neatly into your wallet and help avoid last-minute pocket-searching panics before you leave the house.

The Tile Slim, which was originally square, is now the same dimensions as a credit card so it fits into card slots more securely. Its range has been boosted to an impressive 200 feet, and its twice as loud as its predecessor, so you should be able to hear it further away.

The revamped Slim will retail at $29.99 / AU$40 (about £25) – the same price as the original device.

Tile Slim

(Image credit: Tile)

The keyring-style Tile Mate and Pro have received a 2019 update too. Both trackers look the same as previous models, but have received a range upgrade – the Mate to 200 feet, and the Pro to an impressive 400 feet. 

The prices of the Mate and Pro will also remain the same, at $25 / AU$35 (about £20) and $35 / AU$45 (about £30) respectively.

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