This VPN giant is getting a major speed upgrade

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After introducing its new protocol NordLynx earlier this year, NordVPN is taking another big step to improve the speed of its VPN service by upgrading its servers.

While the technology that powers VPN services can be a bit complicated at times, it's easy to understand the important role of servers when it comes to delivering a speedy connection. When a user connects to a VPN, they send and receive data through the VPN's server. However, if a server is overloaded with traffic, it can slow down internet performance as well as the overall quality of the service.

NordVPN has been using reliable 1Gbps servers for years but now the company has begun the process of upgrading its infrastructure with new 10Gbps servers.

In addition to significantly improving speed and performance for its users, these upgraded servers will also allow the company to future-proof its systems. As 5G coverage becomes ubiquitous, internet users will be moving a lot more data at a faster pace. By upgrading to 10Gbps servers, NordVPN will ensure that its infrastructure is ready to handle this influx of data.

Upgraded servers

NordVPN users may be wondering when they'll be able to take advantage of the increased speeds offered by the company's new 10Gbps servers. Well, the good news is that they are already here.

Around 20 percent of NordVPN's current network uses 10Gbps servers with multiple cities in the US including New York, Seattle and Miami are either completely covered or partly covered. However, this is just the beginning as the company wants to upgrade is 1Gbps servers around the world.

Currently NordVPN is focusing on completely upgrading its servers in Seattle and Atlanta in the US as well as its servers in Tokyo and London.

NordVPN users can test out the company's upgraded servers now by connecting to these locations and speeds should improve further as it rolls out more 10Gbps servers worldwide.

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