This is the best-selling PS4 console bundle deal on Black Friday


There are a lot more PS4 owners starting today because Black Friday deals at all of the major US retailers are offering deep discounts on console bundles.

Sony's PlayStation 4 comes in a variety of bundles, but only one remained at the top of the sales charts at Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target and others that put the video game system on sale.

The PS4 500GB bundle with Uncharted 4 is $50 off right now, costing $249. The price will likely return to $299 as soon as Black Friday ends in the US.

There's a good reason this is the best selling PS4 deal out there – it contains the must-have PlayStation 4 game featuring Nathan Drake. You'll get more than a dozen hours (a baker's dozen by our personal game length clock) from his epic artifact-filled adventures around the world.

Is it really the best PS4 Black Friday bundle?

There's some debate on whether or not this "best-selling" PS4 bundle has the most value for your hard-earned US dollar. 

"Best" and "best-selling" are two different things. While you can't find the PS4 on Black Friday bundle at a cheaper price, you can get the Sony console with an extra game at GameStop.

You can get a PS4 500GB console with two games for $249 at GameStop. They are Uncharted 4 and Ratchet & Clank (a remake of the PS2 original), and the system includes the very same 500GB hard drive.

Alternatively, there's a PS4 two-game bundle for $249 with Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us, two hot games from developer Naughty Dog this holiday season. It's also at GameStop while supplies last.

Of course, this two-game pack-in deal could be sold out at any moment, which means Amazon will be your next best choice at the same Black Friday PS4 price.