This high-powered 'fun size' e-bike is basically a miniature motorbike

Juiced RipRacer
(Image credit: Juiced)

High-performance electric bike manufacturer Juiced has released the RipRacer, a powerful, fat-tired bike designed for smaller riders. 

Labeled a “fun size” electric bike with a smaller, lighter frame than Juiced’s other high-performance bikes, the RipRacer is said to be aimed at “a younger generation” as well as generally shorter riders – in this context, anyone over 5’ tall, up to a maximum height of 6’3”. It includes a motorbike-style twist-throttle to kick the 750W motor into gear and make cycling a breeze at high speeds.

The bike comes in class 2 and class 3 options, with a 52-volt battery powering speeds of up to 20mph and 35 miles on a single charge (for the class 2 model) and 28mph and an impressive 55 miles on a single charge (for the class 3 model). 

Designed for all-terrain use, its 4” thick, knobbly tires look likely to take on anything you can throw at them. The Class 3 even comes with its own LCD screen. 

At present, it’s only available in the US. The RipRacer is reasonably priced, likely due to its slimmer, smaller frame, at $1,599 for the class 3 model and $1,399 for the class 2. Lights are already integrated into the frame, so no need to incur any extra expense there. 

Juiced RipRacer

(Image credit: Juiced)

Analysis: Too much for a small bike?

Small-size frames are nothing new, as lots of other e-bikes provide options that cater for shorter riders. However, this is a purpose-built, high-performance all-terrain bike at a very reasonable price, and it’ll certainly find a following with smaller, lighter off-road riders looking for a thrilling, durable fat-tired ride. 

It’s also marketed for the younger generation, and this is where it gets tricky: some US states have legislation in place to prevent children from riding class 3 or class 2 e-bikes, as they’re sometimes categorized as motorized vehicles. You can check what the laws are in your particular state here

The addition of the twist-and-go throttle might also hamper things: in the UK, any vehicle with this kind of throttle is classed as a motorbike. While US laws don't have that particular restriction, should they change to match the UK it would be another barrier to riding this pocket rocket in public. Besides, some parents may not be comfortable with their child riding a miniature motorbike around town, no matter the legislation in their area.

The end result is a bit of a Goldilocks problem – too powerful for many children and teenagers to ride anywhere other than private land, but too small for most adults, who may prefer a full-sized option. Time will tell if Juiced’s fun-size offering can rank up there with the best cheap e-bikes we’ve tried.    

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