This has to be the best (and cheapest) Surface Pro clone yet, complete with kickstand and type cover

Voyo VBook i7Plus 2-in-1 Windows 10 tablet - $799.99 $679.99

Voyo VBook i7Plus 2-in-1 Windows 10 tablet - $799.99 $679.99
The Voyo VBook might not be a household name, but the i7Plus (which looks a lot like the Surface Pro) is a real head-turner. Its high-resolution display, Core i7 CPU, 16GB RAM and massive 512GB SSD make this a seriously worthy Surface Pro rival.

Microsoft’s Surface product line has now firmly positioned itself as a viable alternative to Apple’s prestigious Mac range.

The Surface Pro business tablet has garnered a lot of attention from the professional community thanks to a great design and top feature set. Despite a patchy start, it’s safe to say that the Surface Pro range is here to stay.

No wonder, therefore, that other firms have sought to emulate Microsoft's success. Take the Voyo VBook i7Plus, for example, which looks a lot like the Surface Pro 5, complete with kickstand and magnesium alloy chassis.

It has a 12.6-inch OGS display with a 2880 x 1920 pixel resolution and a 3:2 aspect ratio, delivering a pixel density almost three times higher than a full HD display of equal diagonal size.

At just under $680 with a type cover keyboard, it is only slightly more expensive than the entry level Surface Go 2, but is of course capable of much more.

One field in which it outstrips its Microsoft rival is connectivity: there’s two full size USB 3.0 ports, a Type-C USB port, microSD card slot, micro HDMI connector and an audio jack. There’s also 16GB of RAM and a 512GB M.2 SSD (likely to be PCIe NVMe), plus Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth.

The only real corner cut to bring down the price is the inclusion of the 7th generation Intel Core i7-7500U processor, which comes with an Intel HD Graphics 620 GPU.

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