This decentralized VPN provider wants to turn the industry on its head

Exidio Decentralized VPN
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As VPNs have become increasingly popular among consumers and business users, competing in the VPN market has become incredibly challenging especially when a handful of companies control the entire industry.

To help make it easier for businesses to compete in the highly competitive market, the decentralized Virtual Private Network (dVPN) solutions provider Exidio creates open source applications built on a peer-to-peer bandwidth network and Sentinel dVPN protocol, which it is a core contributor to.

The company's custom, white label applications connect to the Sentinel node network and it is even able to prove a users' web traffic and metadata are end-to-end encrypted to ensure both privacy and security. Exidio itself cannot access the traffic nor is a node host able to view a user's web traffic or metadata.

Sentinel Ecosystem

The Sentinel Ecosystem consists of the Sentinel node network, the dVPN user base, communities of open source code contributors and companies integrating the Sentinel node network into their software and services. Since its inception in 2018, the network has grown from 17 active nodes to 270 in September of this year.

Entrepreneurs and businesses that want to provide secure, private networking access to their employees and customers now have a turnkey solution to do so with Exidio. By leveraging the company's open source code, organizations can now bring dVPN to their customers and employees without the challenges of node management.

At the same time, Exidio can natively integrate dVPN into existing applications through its APIs. This means that businesses can focus on providing products and services for their customers while Exidio will provide the architecture and integration of secure, decentralized virtual private networking.

Exidio's CEO Dan Edlebeck provided further insight on the continued growth of the Sentinel Ecosystem in a press release, saying:

"As the adoption across Sentinel Ecosystem continues to grow, we are being approached by more and more companies who are looking to integrate solutions leveraging the Sentinel node network. I'm thrilled about the future as we change the landscape for secure, open source networking." 

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