Tesla brings new features to all cars with Version 9 software update

The long-awaited Version 9 software update has started to roll out to all Tesla cars in North America, with the rest of the world in line to get the update in the "next few weeks".

Version 9 brings with it a host of updates for the Model S, Model X and Model 3 vehicles, with the firm's mobile app also benefiting from the new software.

When Version 9 is installed on your Tesla, you'll be able to remotely update future software versions from the mobile app, allow passengers to control media playback with the phone, and it gives you the option share a navigation destination directly with the car.

The Model 3 also gains three new in-car apps, with a web-browser, calendar and energy monitor all landing on the car - services which were already available on the Model S and X.

Apps on all vehicles have also been shifted into a new launcher, making it easier and quicker to fire up your most used applications.

All-seeing eyes

There are a couple of handy camera-related upgrades in Version 9 too. Firstly, your Tesla can now use the front-facing camera as a dash cam (if you have Hardware 2.5, introduced in August 2017), to record footage as you drive, which may be useful if you're involved in a collision.

You'll need to tap the icon on the display to save a 10-minute clip, or hold the icon down to pause recording.

It does require a little bit of setup however, with Tesla noting: "You will need to configure file formatting and allow for a minimum of 1.8GB of free space on a flash drive. The drive should be inserted into a front row USB port."

Tesla has also activated all eight of its external cameras on its vehicles, giving you a 360 degree visualization around the car, giving you a live feed of what is around your car, while also enhancing blind-spot detection.

There are some new Easter eggs too. When in Park, if you can find them, there are a suite of classic Atari arcade games for you to enjoy.

John McCann
Global Managing Editor

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