Terry Myerson is no longer with Microsoft

Microsoft is going through ground-breaking changes. Terry Myerson, the man behind Windows’ growth so far, has resigned. Myerson’s departure also marks the end of WDG (Windows Devices Group) from the company’s portfolio. The WDG is no more and the group is being split into “Experiences and Devices”, which will be led by Rajesh Jha, Executive VP of Microsoft. Jha is a relatively unknown name in the industry.

Furthermore, WDG’s other segment is being moved to Cloud+AI, which is to be led by Scott Guthrie, another Microsoft veteran. The move was first reported by Mary Jo Foley, who’s known to be accurate with information on Microsoft.

What’s even more interesting is that Windows and Azure platforms are being merged under Jason Zander, who will be in charge of Roanne Sones, manager for Strategy and Ecosystem for Microsoft.

All this marks a major move for Microsoft. And this probably signals an end for its devices' initiative. While it’s unclear at the moment, this likely means that the rumoured Surface Phone is no longer going to be a reality. Under Satya Nadella, Microsoft had been shifting its focus to cloud and AI platforms, leveraging AI through its Garage initiative.

Myerson’s departure could mean a new road for Microsoft, where the company focuses on leveraging Google’s Android platforms to simply get more users onto its services.