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Watch this: Tidal's new TV show is season two of a YouTube series

Money & Violence
Money & Violence

Spotify won't be the only music service in the video streaming arena once Jay-Z's hi-def streaming service Tidal gets back into the game on Feb. 9.

Its second show, called Money & Violence, is a continuation of the YouTube series that failed to reach its crowdfunding goals at the end of last year. The second season of the series will be available as a limited exclusive on the hi-def streaming service from Feb. 9 to Feb. 16, before returning to YouTube for the standard audio resolution masses.

Violence & Money is the second video series to premiere on the service, coming after the half-hour stand-up series No Small Talk, which launched in November of last year.

Here's the trailer:

The move to push video is clearly a response to the crossover between music streaming and video streaming and vice versa that gained momentum when Amazon announced its music streaming service and more recently with Spotify's big video investment.

Of course, Tidal's finance planners probably also had their eye on Netflix's announcement that they reached 75 million subscribers last month which raised some eyebrows as well.

Nick Pino

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