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Virgin Media boasts 5.8% rise in revenue

Virgin Media figures in
Virgin Media figures in

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Virgin Media has shone a light on its fourth quarter earnings, announcing that 2010 was its "best ever" year.

The cable company saw strong growth last year, with revenues up 5.8 per cent.

Subscriptions for Virgin Media's fixed-line service were 17,100, but considering Virgin Media has only just begun to offer its Virgin Media TiVo box to the general public – its next-gen PVR - that number is bound to rise in 2011.

Broadband signings up

Virgin Media now has a total of 4.8 million subscribers, which means it isn't exactly snapping at BSkyB's heals, more like nibbling at its feet fish-manicure style.

The good news is that Virgin Media is bringing more and more people into the world of HD, with 39 per cent of its user base now using a HD ready box.

There were also smiles all round in the company's mobile phone sector – as revenue grew 6.7 per cent in the fourth quarter to £148.3 million.

The biggest rise for the company was in the broadband sector, with a total of 118,000 customers signing up for the 50Mb service. This equates to a 29 per cent increase in sign-ups from the third and fourth quarter.

We are putting it down to using Speedy Gonzales in the advertising campaign – that mouse sure is popular.

Via the Guardian